09 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 9 - bloking in checks

Shoulder checks and checks on the shield. I have also planned some checks on at least one knee. Anyway, for the shoulder I lightly drew some lines with a pencil and simply blocked in the black squares. It could probably be done rather neatly with thin strips of masking tape and the airbrush, but for now I just went with the brush. When the black was roughly in place, I went over the white squares and tried to make the whole pattern work. Same work on the shield. I will later go over the white with a yellow glaze but this is it for tonight.


  1. Great progress. In my view using masking tape to make the checks would detract from the result. Too much perfection makes it lifeless and dull in my view. Afterall its supposed to be art not math. :-) /Mattias

    1. Hi NW Crew, thanks for the comment. However, I actually disagree here. If you can get to the same result with the airbrush that would be fine for me. I just knew from experience that I could do those checks quite fast compared to the time it would take to put on several bands of overlaying masking tape. If it could have been achieved quicker with the airbrush, then that would definately have been my tool of choice. After all, I could easily roughen up the cleanest airbrushing with a sponge-tecinique and brush-painted stratches afterwards. :-)

      But I do like a rough and sort of unprecise, yet super-detailed finish. I am sure I will get there eventually.

  2. I see what you mean. In my view some airbrushed/maskingtape painted models end up too perfect. A not perfectly staight line is often more "alive" to me. But if your goal is "rough and sort of unprecise, yet super-detailed finish" we are on the same page. Only with different ideas on how to get there. And your result will, as always, be stunning I'm sure.