17 June, 2012

A Gathering of Daemons

They need to be carefully kept apart. If not, they fight between themselves knocking off horns and elbows. The golden breed are particular vicious...

09 June, 2012

Treasure map

Made this treasure map for my son sometime last year. There was no actual treasure, nor any hunting. He just wanted a map.

We found it today and after a short talk about it I thought it would be worth sharing. I drew it using only a broad calligraphy pen, and it was a fun exersize. Choosing a limited "tool-bar" helps to create a uniform and coherent look, and the specialised pen worked alright in this sense. Just like choosing a limited pallette of colours for a miniature I guess.

05 June, 2012

First bit placed - a competition entry started...

Found use for the first of the newly purchased bitz:

The GK terminator shield fits this little and (for the moment) somewhat secret project nicely. It is a contribution to a local painting competition in Denmark. "Local"... well, it is a arranged on a Danish web-forum and after some pondering I decided to join in and have fun doing an entry, ignoring the risk to get beaten by an up-and-coming painter. But thinking about it I quite like this "risk". Entering a small painting competition might give some encouragement - both because of the support and for the competitors in the same category to give it all their best to beat a Deamon-Slayer. There is an expert level category as well as beginners and average. The topic is "single model" with monstrous mounted characters being the biggest entries allowed. So far the people who have joined in have shown great enthusiasm and skill so I am expecting a good competition and some great miniatures to look when we have reached the deadline in mid July.