15 February, 2013

WIP - old tree

I am planning - or rather researching how - to do a diorama centered around a grandiose tree. So far I plan to base the tree roughly on GW's plastic trees. But how to do the leaves?
So far I am testing building up the expression using flock:

Another option would be do use brass etched leaves, but I fear this might look too detailed in a way.
Any other suggestions? Or links to pictures showing various ways it has been done in the past?

12 February, 2013

Inquisition resources

The other day I was asked where the =I= gangs hangs out on the web and I thought it would be good to present some other places to go and look for cool 40K miniatures, images, storytelling - "texts" on the inquisition and the corners of the WH40K universe in its broadest sense.

Below follows a selection of links to hobby friends with whoom I have shared the passion for =I= minis over the years.







The reader who read through a lot of the stuff above will even find some of my miniatures infiltrating some of the other blogs. These websites are by no means all of the cool stuff. A lot more is out there. There is bound to be a lot more. Some resources just take delicate inquisitorial research skills to find...