24 December, 2011

Daemonhost finished

Finished the daemonhost as planned - and I also got some work done one the Skulker.

However, the Skulker still needs his pet creature on the base before he is completely done.
Here is a group shot of the first three models for my little retinue - Skulker, the daemon, and Velvet Cathrina:


Season greeting!

22 December, 2011

Base work

Base for the deamonhost and bases for two more models for the retinue are just about ready:

 They just need a a few details painted in and they will be ready for the actual models. The daemonhost is very close to being finished - might try and sneak in an hour of work tomorrow evening to get him finished before X-mas. That would be a great goal...

Write-up for the yellow on the bases:
GW Bubonic Brown (+ a little gloss varnish to make the paint more smooth) painted on in two thin layers. Wash of MIG pigment African Earth pigment mixed with W&N matt varnish. Scratches stippled on with a little piece of blister foam using a Chaos Black / dark brown mix. Highlights with Bubonic Brown + Skull White. And finally careful weathering using pigment and orange mix (as feature in the picture), followed by some thinned and broken W&N inks - yellow and green thinned with water...

18 December, 2011

Paint phase #4 on the daemonhost...

...plus some base painting chores. Two layers of Bubonic Brown - thinned with gloss varnish to make it go on smooth. A technique I have been trying out on some surfaces on my latest models.

The daemonhost is almost finished. The rest - the tubes and som weathering + maybe some red on those orange checks - will be painted when he is glued to the base.

Today's painting session wasn't a long one. But I decided I had to work on the model today. Sometimes I have to decide to work to be able to do it. Strange. But tonight I got going with the project. Another evening or two and he is ready to rock ... or rather; to float about and scare people.

13 December, 2011

New inks + sketch

Having recently purchased some W&N inks I wanted to try out the combination of these inks, white paint, black pen, and pencil work. The works of Master Blanchitsu serves as inspirations but I also had a certain assassin from the mid-1990s French movie "City of Lost Children" in mind.

A beast master assassin during full assault assisting the armies of the Imperium and control his beasts of death. The inks were surprisingly nice to work with!

08 December, 2011

The Skulker

Here is a pre-primer shot of "the Skulker". A hive scum whoose past, faulty social skills, and treacherous reputation is tolerated because of his uncanny skills to navigate the paths and track down individuals.

I haven't decided on a colour scheme yet (although I have started adding the first layers of paint), but I am thinking of this individual as an hired tracker for the group which is so count both the floaty fat daemonhost and the wiz-pimp-lady (I need a name for her... how about Linda... Linda something...). So the base will be dominated by warm yellow and browns.

05 December, 2011

Paint phase #3 on the daemonhost

Another hour and a half of painting done and tonight I shot a picture of  the model so far:

For fun I made the pictures really big to show as much as possible. I have mainly been working on the shield with the orange and white checks pattern. Quite happy with the look so far, although the initial plan was actually to have the orange serve as a base for some red ink. But right now I really like the orange. Scrolls have also been give attention as has the hat which has been blocked in with Chaos black. It still needs a lot of weathering though. The horns were painted last last week and given a coat of varnish to protect the paint from going off when I handle the mini while painting...

Finally, a shot of the desk with the paint in use tonight. Two sessions more and I believe he is done - then I have the base to do, but I hope to have him done before X-mas.

03 December, 2011

Insisting to paint...

We never have enough time to paint or sculpt, do we?

And we think a lot about how much we really want to work on this and that project... Well, tonight instead of thinking about how I really want to work on the project and spending lots of time time being annoyed that I wasn't doing as much hobby stuff as I wanted to I just sat down and did some work.

Nothing fancy, just another hour and a half on the daemonhost and some initial jabs of paint on a conversion I refer to as "the Skulker".

Sometime we just have to grab the brush and get going with paint and miniatures instead of thinking about how much we want to paint while not doing anything about it. Yesterday, I caught myself having these silly thoughts and tonight I was close to being there again. But I insisted.

I insist to paint miniatures because it is important to me.