25 February, 2012

thoughts on painting RED

Got questioned a few times over the years about how I paint the red robes and cloth on my miniatures.Truth is that I have done it in very different ways from project to project and usually experiment every time I am painting another red robe. Trying new stuff improvising to get closer to what I want.
Here are a few images:

A short standard write-up would be close to my description of painting red in the chaos warrior tutorial on my website.

A great colour when painting red is Citadel Scab Red since it covers horribly, but has a silky transparent finnish and a good surface strength that makes it go on very even and smooth. It is very good for mixing with strong red ink and layering over an already shaded and highlighed area. Sort of blends it all together like a tinted layed over an image in Photoshop if you know the effect.

Another colour is Bleached Bone that can give more subtle transistions for the highlights. I then only add white for the very final highlight.

More recently, I have started to experiment using an orange Winsor and Newton artist ink over an already shaded and highlighted orangy red. This is what I have done on the recent figures shown here - the checked shield on the Daemonhost and the red hood on the Skulker.

Servo Skull Collector - pre-primer picture

Finished the conversion.
The Servo Skull Collector is ready for paint. I added coins and a few parchments.
And a cord going from the servo skull in the left hand and up to his head.
Looking forward to starting the painting...

18 February, 2012

Servo Skull Collector

A sculpting session on the Servo Skull Collector.
I believe he is very close to being ready for the primer.
Maybe a rivet here and there, but he is almost there...

Oh, and maybe a few coins nailed to the staff...
Purity seals anyone...?

05 February, 2012

Building backdrops

An hour of cutting, trimming, and gluing plastics together. I have started some more terrain pieces to give me some variety for photographing my models. Some plastic wall-sections from some toy product is to pimped into proper 40K claustrofobic street settings. I am trying to find a good mix of being able to view pieces from several angles and being able to mix and match using the assembling system of the wall sections. So the goal is really to hide where the sections click together...

Looking forward to adding all sorts of detail the the walls - posters, pipes, candles, etcetera.
The ground is troubleing me though. What to do? I should probably create a copplestone-like board for the terrain to be used on.