09 May, 2015

Henchman painted - and exploring

I painted this henchman really fast the other night and did a simple photo-setup last night. The image came out too dark, but a quick auto-contrast sloved this one easily. Fun to paint, not perfect to technical standards, but gritty and dark. I need to do more of these fast-paced models.

Painting the model I was reminded og the strong but simple colour schemes that Mike Anderson used to do all the time. He has done some awsome models with a subtle grey/black being the main part of the palette.

07 May, 2015

A break from the Eldar / A henchman primed up

I am taking a break from the Eldar army, so I primed this sinister character last night. This is going to be a quick and refreshing paintjob. The Eldar are hard to paint. I guess it is mostly due to my own standards and expectations, but anyway, Eldar always has been a painter's army I think. Especially coming back to finishing Dire Avengers and Wraithguard troops after having gone to town on the Death Jester was giving me a hard time. But the units are almost done, and I feel I am take them for a test game soon to get into that as well. Now, however, I will do a gritty character that I have had around for about a year. The big question is if he will join a Mordheim warband or hang out with my Inquisitor retinues...