10 July, 2013

Astartes finished

Will be used as an inquisitor Lord who has gone Heretic...

I have had a few questions regarding the process so here are a few notes on the main parts:

CAPE was painted using Coat d'Arms 222, Horse Tone Roan, a nice beige with a dap of old purple ink. Sprayed on with an airbrush, gave it two highlights adding more and more white. A little shading mixing a little more purple and some chaos black into the base colour, and then final highlights dapped on with a sponge and using almost pure white.

On the ARMOUR I washed on a yellowish green, then picked out some shading and damage. Then highlights, then some brown glases of rust like colours, blacks, and oranges. And then final highlights of almost pure white. A fun trick was to use a broken but light green for the basecolours and then for highlights I based it on Reaper Master Series Moth Green with white added. Very much like the old billious green from GW. Classic. It is all about going back and forth until you find that it is there...

09 July, 2013

WIP Astartes, #2

Well, it is actually finished, but today only available in small and black and white.

The model is for a Danish painting challenge which has the dealine tomorrow so I am saving the full sized images of the paintjob for that. Our biggest national hobby forum has been around for 10 years so there is much celebration... and also some miniature painting. The fun thing in regards to my comtribution is that I have had very little time and therefore I have had to make some very conscious choices in the the process. It also called for some quick decisions with very little time to think. Choosing a Nurgle-like colour scheme was one of the choices. Where to put the effort (and especially the limited time) was another.

08 July, 2013

If in doubt; go Nurgle...

Colours for the Astartes I am painting. Nurgle is fun, straightforward, and rewarding.
And did I say fast and great for weathering effects?

04 July, 2013

WIP - Astartes

Finally got around to start up on an Astartes character I have been working on for quite a while. So far it looks like he is going to be a rather sinister guy.

He will go on one of my yellow-themed =I= bases, but I haven't decided on the main colour yet. Dark red or a broken white are good possibilities. Also yellow maybe which would work well with black and boltgun metal for contrast