04 July, 2013

WIP - Astartes

Finally got around to start up on an Astartes character I have been working on for quite a while. So far it looks like he is going to be a rather sinister guy.

He will go on one of my yellow-themed =I= bases, but I haven't decided on the main colour yet. Dark red or a broken white are good possibilities. Also yellow maybe which would work well with black and boltgun metal for contrast


  1. Wow, that's a cool looking mini. Love that power fist. cherubs look great with this type of model, think ill add one to my fig.

  2. This looks like it is going to be yet another amazing miniature.


    Every time I see awesome looking characters like this, I kick myself for not having any drive with my hobby activities at the moment.

  3. Sinister and magnificent... As always mr. Nielsen. Hoping to see the results soon!

  4. As my post miracolously disappeared: Very nive work!

    Could you tell me where the powerfist is taken from?

  5. @ JimmyGrill: Very stange indeed. The powerfirst/lightning claw is from one of the 52mm =I= characters, but it adapts nicely into 30mm scale!

  6. Hi Jakob

    That is just immense, quite literally. He is going to be a bit of a bruiser, that power fist is massoof.

    Looking forward to seeing your chapter or legion colour scheme.

  7. Cheers, Peter. I myself am looking forward to seeing the legion colours... No more time to postpone the colour decisions it seems. Stay tuned.

  8. Looks great, J!

    Got a chance to see some of your minis in the flesh this weekend playing Yggdrasilium. They're simply gorgeous.