11 January, 2015

Garden of Morr - WIP #1

Started working on some terrain. So far I am well underway doing the Garden of Moor and have started a tower. When assembled terrain is awsome to do. It does not have to be that precise, there is a lot of drybrushing and washing, and it really enhances your minis. I really look forward to having these first terrain pieces finished and do some miniature photography in the new setting.

05 January, 2015

Iron Sleet

2015. A new year and an interesting change on the blog sphere.
You probably have see it already, but if you are late to the party a few friends and fellow miniature bloggers have teamed up to persue a common goal: Grim-Dark visions of 40K miniatures and imagery.

Legion of Plastic and the Spiky Rat Pack has joined forces and will now present their project on a singular site. Alright, no more talk. Here is the link:


Enjoy. It already looks quite promising.