29 April, 2015

Wraithguard, WIP #2

Almost there. Just need a second layer of paint on the heads. Some touch up work. And possibly a symbol on the heads at a later stage...

22 April, 2015

Eldar Vyper

Decided to get this one finished quickly the other night.

I guess I had already done about 60% of the work, but I had got stuck with some undecided areas. Well, picking up work on the model I took some quick decisions, and then it was crunch-time painting away for about 2½ hours. Done. The goal was to have to levitate off centre on the base, and I think it works alright. I probably should go back and paint some of the gems in purple/magenta and add proper highlights, but for now it is about getting this small army to grow... Better photos would probably also be nice.

16 April, 2015

Death Jester, WIP #2

Almost there. I have started taking pictures as a technique to look for mistakes and final details for improvement, so I will not say that he is done yet. Pretty close though...

I think the waystone on the ribcage armour needs to be painted purple as the gems on the gun... And maybe the blue gem should go purple also... Definately some slightly starker shading in the grills on the helmet, red/purple I think. The brown pants could do with a bit of jazz also... Anything else?

I am really happy with the way the gun looks, and also the yellow came out very much like I envisioned it.

15 April, 2015

Death Jester, WIP #1

I have been painting this guy over the past few evenings. A fantastic miniature kit.

I am going for a yellow/purple colour scheme. So the yellow part of the jacket is actually going to be a lot more vibrant, but I have yet to come to that part of the model. I consider the shuriken blaster done for now, but a lof the areas are very close, but not completely done in this image...

I hope to have him done by the end of the week.

02 April, 2015


It is just about to begin...
www.ironsleet.com will be the place to be the next week or so.
Exciting times...

01 April, 2015

Eldar Runes Explorations

A series of quick explorations to find a rune design for my Eldar army.

 Will be used as black linework on white surfaces and as white linework on red surfaces. I think.
I have picked a favorite - actually with my children making decisions in the design process - but I will not tell which one we picked just yet...