01 April, 2015

Eldar Runes Explorations

A series of quick explorations to find a rune design for my Eldar army.

 Will be used as black linework on white surfaces and as white linework on red surfaces. I think.
I have picked a favorite - actually with my children making decisions in the design process - but I will not tell which one we picked just yet...


  1. Hi Jakob!

    I am a fan of the asymmetrical ones... my favourite is in the right hand column on the second sheet down, and the left rune of the pair. I think the asymmetry makes it seem a little more 'alien' :)


    1. Hi Peter, good to hear from you! Thanks for the input. That one is also my favorite among the assymetric ones. And I think you are right about assymetric design giving it some alien flavour. Maybe without the dot, though...

  2. Nice!

    I really dig the ones on the third sheet, but they may come off as slightly necron-y...

    My choice would be number three, with the three pronged top-bit from number four. What can I say - I'm a sucker for symmetry....

    1. We chose the first one on the thrid sheet. However, I get you point. They look a little necrony. Eldar are more about closed shapes I guess. I'll explore your suggestion. Thanks.