26 April, 2013

Teddybär Total

It's all hobby, but not my own. A friend of mine is just as passionate about sewing teddy bears as I am painting miniatures. This weekend she has ventured off to a competition in Münster, Germany to compete in the "Golden George", and I think it would be worth posting the link here. The Golden George is akin to our Golden Demon, so it is one of the biggest shows for teddy bear hobbyist. The Teddy bear-sewing community is interesting to compare to our hobby since it is also a hobby niche with events, competitions, champions, and passionate geeks, and collectors.

But without further ado, here is the link to their main page. The webdesign is somewhat old-school which means that I cannot deep-link directly to the competition. You will have to go through the front page to "Golden George", then you can go to the "Online-Voting".


Here you can vote for your favorite. Without giving too much away I would say that my overall favorite (which also is my friend's entry) is among the dioramas (they call the category "Tableau"). Every entry is mixed when you go to the voting section so you need to scroll around. Remember to vote for your favorite and also to "like" the entry on facebook if you feel like sharing some good craftmanship.

But do take your time and have a look at the many bears. Not as sinister and dark hobby stuff as we usually like, but the entries show passion, dedication, and great works of craftmanship.

Now, their process of participating, entering conditions, and so on are something very intesting when you compare it to miniature painting competitions in general, but that will be a good topic for another post.

16 April, 2013


Painted, photographed, photoshopped (slightly). Another go at creating really worn and old-looking clothes.

The humble Scribe Machiarus pauses 
amidst the grand ruins of ancient splendour
 to consult his notebook

14 April, 2013

Sniper/Soul Seeker/Sorrow Sentinel

Sniper/Soul Seeker/Sorrow Sentinel. Many a name for this creature from the Hive...

Painted February 2013.

06 April, 2013

Into the WD archive

I have a nice collection of White Dwarf. My first copy of the magazine was 144 (if I remember correctly) with memorable articles on McVey's wood elves cavalry and a Dark Elf army by an American painter. Since then I have managed to get hold of a few older issues. Classic stuff!