25 March, 2013

Mordheim gangers

Remember Mordheim? Released in 1999. Dark and sinister. A black rulesbook. And fantastic illustrations.

I painted these models back in 2002 or so for a few games of Mordheim. Nice and moody models.

18 March, 2013

Victor Bela

Returning to known space Victor Bela was putting into writing the communiqué to send to his master. So much to report, vast discoveries, secrets within secrets unravelled. The search and persuit had taken him far into the unknown - into the past and into potential futures. And if any succes was to be achieved the report had to arrive in time for the right preparations to be made. Now, reaching Velk in writing with the right words would be crucial for the months to come...

A sneak peak at Victor Bela, Velk's interogator, who was painted in February. While Inquisitor Velk has been working both solo and recruiting on the go, he has had Bela conducting investigations and carrying out the necessary actions needed.