25 November, 2012


Promised this WIP  in the discussion of the previous post. I used a corner of this unfinished painting for background for the Grey Knight.

Started back in Spring 2012, finished... Not sure when that will be.
The effect I am aiming for is a dark silluette of a city with a sky that suggests more than just weather and atmosphere. I want the sky to be more subtle, so there is a lot of blending and painting over to do there... Dimensions are 120 x 40 cm.

18 November, 2012

Grey Knight - paint phase #2

A moody picture of the miniature. Need to add a little detail-work, but I am actually quite happy with the way he has turned out so far. I still have to get some more terrain for photos sorted. Backdrop is a detail from a half finished canvas painting from early Spring.

13 November, 2012

Grey Knight - paint phase #1

First painting session in a while. Worked the basic colour onto this Grey Knight.

Not sure about the direction yet though. An interesting tweak of direction couold be to go for White knights instead of the traditional silvery grey. White can be hard and time-consuming, but also fast and dirty I believe. Just look at Brother Migula's recent take on his Dread Knight. I would try for something similar to what I have done on the shield details on some of my inquisitorial henchmen from early 2012.

12 November, 2012

Halloween Costume accessories

First design lesson with my daugther I guess.
A skull design for accessories for my daughter's Halloween Costume this year.

I helped out with the actual drawing and we created these various skull-designs on paper. Then we ... (yeah, right!) ... she decided which on to use made the necklace and earrings herself.

04 November, 2012

Stuff to read - PARIAH and White Dwarf

Finally, got my copy of Dan Abnett's Pariah yesterday.

Just after having bought the latest issue of White Dwarf. The new style of the magazine is both nice and clean - somewhat oldschool. I have really enjoyed the latest two Blanchitzu-articles with the grand mix of miniatures and artwork backdrops. Strange enough it seems that I miss the traditional 10 or so pages featuring new releases. But back to Pariah... I really look forward getting more into the 40K universe as Mr. Abnett envisions it.