13 November, 2012

Grey Knight - paint phase #1

First painting session in a while. Worked the basic colour onto this Grey Knight.

Not sure about the direction yet though. An interesting tweak of direction couold be to go for White knights instead of the traditional silvery grey. White can be hard and time-consuming, but also fast and dirty I believe. Just look at Brother Migula's recent take on his Dread Knight. I would try for something similar to what I have done on the shield details on some of my inquisitorial henchmen from early 2012.


  1. Congrats getting in some more paint time mate. Its looking good already. my finish point is your start point.

  2. Jakob, can you add a "follow by email" function please! It's in the tags. I don't want to miss your updates.

    Also, all your buttons are in danish!

  3. I enjoyed the Danish buttons...it made it more challenging;-)

    I really hope to see a whole army with shields like the henchmen.