28 October, 2012

Halloween - cane and witch costume

Preparations for a Halloween party...

A magic wand for a witch or possibly a deadly walking cane for a vampire lord.
Greenstuff and a little Milliput over a ping-pong ball. First sculpting session was the skull except the teeth. Then the skull was secured in place on the cane with a glue gun. Second and final sculpting session was doing the teeth. Then painting. A dark red basecoat, two coats of gold and a few washes for final weathering.
Anyway, my daugther was wielding it at a Halloween party.

20 October, 2012

First painted mini

Going through some old cases of miniatures I discovered the first mini I painted. Ever.

Painted back in 1990 or so I believe. Funny enough the colour scheme is a classic one. Black, bone, metal, and a touch of red. I worked with Humbrol acrylic paints and I believe we had about 10 paint pots. I also found some of the models from the bright days of the mid 90s. Quite striking stuff actually. Digging through old issues of White Dwarf  from back then is fantastic. Vivid colours, strong poses, classic I think. Speaking of old models and paintjobs I also found a few classic Chaos Champions from around 1990 or so. Jes's stuff. Good stuff. A cool thing about models from this era is the fact that most models except from monsters and cavalry were one-piece casts. This gives most models a strong frontal style. Head on. Posed with the weapons ready. Visually, they all have an obvious strong front. I love picking up one of these from time to time. Fast to paint, rewarding to present and photograph, and classic! Based up nicely they stand the test of time.

14 October, 2012

Techwraith and guardsman, WIP#1

Guardsman is to be basic muscle for an Inquisitor Retinue. The Techwraith is more interesting. A daemonhost-like creature, but with a tech-feel pointing towards Mars possibly.

Inspiration for the Techwraith comes from the original Ratspike artists, Blanche and Miller.
I am not there yet with the conversion but I think the imagery featuring spheres, tech bits, spikes, and ragged cloth has a lot of potential.

09 October, 2012

Guardsman trooper and Techwraith

1 hour of work tonight. Started one guardsman and a techwraith.

Half of the Spiky Rat Pack asked about the sketches in the background.
A sketch trying out dark blue on the Falcon Inquisitor and a quick bold and drawing of a henchman.
Coloured with pencils on Sunday afternoon while the children were busy drawing as well.

07 October, 2012

Forest Beast

Enjoying a walk in the forest with my children we encountered this monster:

A strange snake-like creature, a shape looking both growing and in decay.

Also, tonight I actually got out some miniatures to work on over the next few week....