14 October, 2012

Techwraith and guardsman, WIP#1

Guardsman is to be basic muscle for an Inquisitor Retinue. The Techwraith is more interesting. A daemonhost-like creature, but with a tech-feel pointing towards Mars possibly.

Inspiration for the Techwraith comes from the original Ratspike artists, Blanche and Miller.
I am not there yet with the conversion but I think the imagery featuring spheres, tech bits, spikes, and ragged cloth has a lot of potential.


  1. I like the portly guardsman, JRN!

  2. Exactly what I was thinking Fulgrim!

    JRN the Techwraith would look fantastic aboard the Arkke.....just plain 40k weirdness at its best. I really hope he is going to get the most sinister mechanicus paint job known to man.