09 October, 2012

Guardsman trooper and Techwraith

1 hour of work tonight. Started one guardsman and a techwraith.

Half of the Spiky Rat Pack asked about the sketches in the background.
A sketch trying out dark blue on the Falcon Inquisitor and a quick bold and drawing of a henchman.
Coloured with pencils on Sunday afternoon while the children were busy drawing as well.


  1. So mysterious;)
    How about those sketches in the background?

  2. Thanks! Quick sketching like this is perfect way to try out different poses. Atleast I tend to draw dozen of very small and rough ones, before I even start to think what parts to use, when I begin my designing process. The more detailed sketch always comes later...

  3. Hey Jakob,

    Glad to see you have unpacked the bits boxes.

    I really like the henchman sketch - the pink mohawk and gas mask is a lovely punket look contrasting nicely with the knightly leg armour.

    Also like the route you are taking with the ton of purity seals on Falcon Inquisitor. The blue looks good to me.

  4. Good to see you back in action, Jakob. Looking forward to seeing your approach with the techwraith.