30 September, 2014

September Goal - end status

Well, September has been and gone and I almost finished my planned models:

The Night Goblin below was created as a warm-up for the Chaos Champion of Tzeentch.

So far both projects has been really fun, and I look forward to getting into the final work on the Chaos Dude. A really cool model btw. I quite enjoy painting him. As you can see I have been working with a palette of yellow and blue with bright green for spot colour. So something without red og orange for a change...

More picture of the Night oblin on www.jrn-works.dk in the gallery section...

13 September, 2014

Summer models - a Scion and a Techmarine

While I am working away to meet the September goals, I am just posting this quick image to show what I did during the Summer. Two models. A Scion and and old Techmarine. Not much, but they were fun to paint. Of course they want to hang out with the Skull Collector (painted in early 2012), so it got into the picture as well.

 Somehow I seem to have a thing about orange at the moment. I believe there will be more of that to come...

08 September, 2014

September Goal

After a posting-wise slow and empty Summer I will try and gather some impact and momentum.
These two models are my goals for September. Anything else will be a bonus.

During the Summer I did paint a few models but I was unsure whether to share or save for a future publication. Thinking back I believe the way to go about creating "exclusive content" for any future booklets or similar will be to take a few extra shots in the process, but I also want to publish the stuff I have painted when I finish it. I don't want to save finished models for the future. So unless it is a secret competition project my goal will be to produce and share when the model is done. Then there might be some additional stuff to show in some special form in the future, but since the sharing is a driving factor- a way to keep momentum - then sharing will be part of the regular hobby stuff.