30 September, 2014

September Goal - end status

Well, September has been and gone and I almost finished my planned models:

The Night Goblin below was created as a warm-up for the Chaos Champion of Tzeentch.

So far both projects has been really fun, and I look forward to getting into the final work on the Chaos Dude. A really cool model btw. I quite enjoy painting him. As you can see I have been working with a palette of yellow and blue with bright green for spot colour. So something without red og orange for a change...

More picture of the Night oblin on www.jrn-works.dk in the gallery section...


  1. Love the classic vibe on the gobbo!
    As for the chaos champion - well I really love da gobbo... ;)

  2. Beautiful stuff Jakob! Great to see that you (almost) reached your September goal. I am there too :)

    A great combination of old school JRN style (yes, the Gobbo is fantastic) and a spanking new pallette.

    The blue and metallics on Vilitch are brilliant. Would love to see more like this from you!

  3. The gobbo rocks!

    Vilitch looks great as well, but I´m sort of conflicted about the mini itself.

    Though it´s beautifully sculpted and well designed, its quite cartoony in a Warcraft kind of way (unlike the gobbo who is cartoony in a Kev Adams way, which is completely different). It just doesn´t feel like its part of the GW universe - looks more rackhamesque... But as I said. Beautiful work nonetheless.

  4. Cheers all.
    Obviously the gobbo is very much my home turf.
    For the Chaos dude I find that the model is growing on me. And the challenge of doing a - for me - unusual colour scheme is fantastic. Somehow I am very much into strong colours these days... Anyway, more painting, less blogging.

  5. The night goblin is simply fantastic! Well done! Would you mind sharing how you highlighted the black robe? Thanks!

    1. Hey Judith,
      The night goblin clothes were painted like this:

      Black basecolour followed by 3 highlights. First highlight using black and a midtone bluegrey – 50/50 mix, or so. Then for the second highligt add a little of a light blue/grey such as Space wolf grey to the mix. Final highlight is almost pure Space Wolf grey, but thinned and applied twice. The first of these highlight is layered on, and then the final supersharp highlights are painted at the top points with the same colour. In this way the combination of the 2 applications create a transition (the layering part) ending with a strong highlight (layering with a highlight on top).

      Is this description any help?

    2. Hi Jakob,

      Thanks a lot for your quick reply, much appreciated! Yes, your detailed description is indeed very useful. I look forward to trying it out! BTW, I just realized I was logged on with my wife's (Judith) account when I posted the comment :) Cheers!