18 December, 2012


No painting done, but plenty of inspiration from a recent trip to Berlin with wife and children. Snapped lots of pictures of cool stuff. Here are a few that might correspond with the domain of toy soldiers.

#1 : The mix of snow, signs (one of them bearing very significent artist's name btw), the road repair blockings, and the stickers on the garbage canister makes a great scene with the warm light in the background.

#2 : Museum für Naturkunde. A snapshot of one of the rows of glasses with stored animals. Such a strong visual image. Just imagine a whole room with row upon rows of these. Cool in a creepy way.

#3 : Storm trooper on a wall outside Ost Kreuz Station.

#4 : Art store on Kastanie Allé. What a place! Bought some of the lovely Winsor & Newton artists inks.

#5: Also from Kastanie Allé. A fantastic little scrap metal sculpture handcuffed to stand in the public street. A strange kind of a gargoylesk creature that appears in the same space as you on the pavement. Great piece of art.

10 December, 2012

Wolf Rider

Another look way back towards the early 90s. I painted this Marauder Miniatures Wolf Rider for my bright red and green Orc and Gobbo army. I revisited the box with the army this weekend and really enjoyed looking at the bold and bright colours. The paintjob must be from around 1992.

However, this particular wolf rider was something special. We had Siberian Husky when I was a child and this model dates from back then. Naturally, I painted facial markings on the model just like on our dog. Apart from remembering the old dog, I also really liked seeing those strong highlights and the deep shading on the green and the simple bright red. Works quite nice. Also, I remember using a really matt Humbrol green to shade the bases.

05 December, 2012

Silently Drifting Thoughts

Silently Drifting Thoughts, 2011.

With no mini-painting done these past weeks I thought I'd post another painting instead.
Actually I thought about the painting after having studied a recent post on the Legion of Plastic-blog where a fantastic winged man-bird-creature is among the three latest conversions.

Anyway, the canvas about was done last year. Spring 2011. The first big canvas I have done. After painting to enter the Crystal Brush in April 2011 I really had to put my mind into painting on another scale, detail-level, and style. Therefore I picked up the canvas. Dimensions are 120 x 90 cm.