24 July, 2012

There is always a reason to get the airbrush out...

With the Summer finally hitting Denmark bigtime I brought out the airbrush for some domestic chores today...

I believe the airbrush saved us about 1/3 of the breath needed to get the childrens bath tub working...

23 July, 2012

Tulips or are they roses?

Found these very small flowers on the way to the beach last week.
I think they will work very well as regular flowers on miniature bases.

Question is whether they should represent tulips or roses? They will probably work as both...

13 July, 2012

Painting competition entry

Other entries in the expert category can be seen at: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=58829.0 Overall a great selection of nice paintjobs. Great company.

11 July, 2012

Competition entry - background story

To the youngsters the call for arms came as a nice surprise.

Leopold Oakmill was in a great mood having dug out his grandfathers old shield and carried it proudly along with his spear.
Adi, his servant, was less excited. Probably due to his obligations to his master.

However, even as they strode forth to the mustering at the Red Hen Inn the unholy powers had already infested the lands. Thus the sharp-eyed could spot the signs of evil in both beasts and plants. Strange fungus growths with vile scents sprounting from the ground and mutations among the creatures of the soil were obvious marks of discord in the natural order of things.

*   *   *

A bit of fiction to go with my entry for a Danish painting competition.
I posted a teaser a few weeks back.
The actual model will be revealed one of the next few days...