13 July, 2012

Painting competition entry

Other entries in the expert category can be seen at: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=58829.0 Overall a great selection of nice paintjobs. Great company.


  1. Great work! The snail surly is the spot over "i". Good luck in the competition!

  2. None of the images are loading for me in Canada at 9:51 AM PST.

  3. Hooyah! It turned out to be as wonderful as I anticipated. They are so characterful and funny. Love the base too.

  4. Great piece!
    The model fits your painting style really fine =]

  5. Cheers guys. I was a fun competition and a fun model to paint. Also challenging since there was so many pieces of clothes in such a small area. Finding suitable neutral colours for shirt, trousers, jacket, waistcoat, and hat was not as easy as it might seem.
    Really pleased with the final look though.

    Btw, the category winner was a good friend of mine Mr. Kennum, who had painted up the Little Knight from my own Runic Miniatures range. And with a splendid result! He had his first try on NMM which turned out really well.

  6. Hi,
    i like your Blog!
    Your painting it's great!!
    I follow you. If you like to follow me too, i’ll be happy!
    See you soon! ^^