21 January, 2012

Stone barriers - terrain painting

Teamed up with a great friend last night and painted away - I painted up the small terrain pieces shown below:

Sandstone barriers, rocks, and the odd oil barrel. I sprayed on the basic colours using an airbrush, Then I added detail by sponging on little dark scratch-marks, adding some MIGS weathering powder (African Earth mixed with bright orange paint), and brushing on some highlights with a size 1 brush. Looking forward to doing some moody photoshooting using the terrain pieces in unison with my latest additions to the =I= group.

17 January, 2012

A quick sketch

A quick sketch - to do something - to enjoy the movement of the pen - to produce...

(scrap paper, calligraphy pen, white maker - 14 x 26 cm)

13 January, 2012

More work on the Servo Skull Collector and some terrain pieces

Picture first, proof of hobby work:

Got some more bits added to the Servo Skull Collector. Possibly a few too much, but I and going on and adding the final bits and sculpting to the conversion over the next evening or two to get him ready for painting. I don't want to go back to change stuff - instead I will just work on to get the look right.  The terrain pieces is the start of a little gaming setup I hope to build to support this group of Inquisitorial henchmen. Will try to continue working that particular weathered yellow from the mini-bases. I like the thought of just getting some small surroundings created to support the models visually for photography... and possibly even for the odd game.

09 January, 2012

modelling session: Servo Skull Collector

2012. A New Year. New challenges.
The Servo Skull Collector. A used-to-be hermit who walked the endless battlefields searching for devices to strengthen his lost senses. Now, he has joined the staff of Inquisitor Harkon Felsh - need to create the Inquistor also I suppose - doing research both in the study and in combat. Added several cables and will add more. Also managed do the initial sculpting/bulking out on the gargoylesk bird. Photo out of focus but transfers the general idea.