21 October, 2014

Daemonette Project - first mini

Sat down to work on the first daemonette tonight. Just keeping the momentum going...

Just a little drybrushing on the base and possibly a little tweaking of the colours when the group is all done.
A miniature painted from start to finish in an evening. One of those nice hobby things.

20 October, 2014

Daemonette project - conversions

New little project. Doing a lot of different stuff at the moment. These are some the many ideas:

A skirmish group of daemonette conversions. Maybe they will even turn into some kind of an army.
Also, terrain is on my mind at the moment but more on that later...

11 October, 2014

Tyranid Termagaunt

 Found this model the other night with the base colours sprayed on with airbrush. I guess I did the airbrushing about a year ago and left it there. Anyway 50 minutes of painting and then the following evening about 15 minutes of final touches and the base and there is another model finished. Not to the greatests of standards, but I enjoyed getting the creature done in the colours and style that I wanted.

I used a mix of Citadel washes, some zombicide washes from Army Painter, white, bubonic brown (Yup! -g ot a bottle of that old Citadel classic!), and W&N red ink. Oh, and boltgun metal for the claws. All in all fun with a few colours and another model to go on the shelf.

09 October, 2014

Final WIP - Vilitch the Curseling

Looking nearly finished the model is not all there yet. A few little things has been touched since I took these images last Sunday. I sometimes do a few photos of a mini when I think it is almost there, but not quite at the same time either. A different set of eyes in a way, digital eyes, and blasted up in mega-size on the screen...

So seeing the mini up close in the photo I found a few little areas that could be improved. Mainly the feathers (deeper shading, stronger yellow), but also a few small other areas which has benefitted from a little more attention.