24 March, 2012

Servo Skull Collector, paint phase #2

Another short session on the mini. I have started working green-brown-purple shading into the robes as a subtle form of black lining. The Winsor & Newton green was used with Elf Flesh to paint in the basic shade of the skin.

Also, using thinned P3Thornwood Green (the nameless paint in the picture) I am blending some exaggerations of the shading into the robes.

09 March, 2012

05 March, 2012

Hobby thought - an ecclesiary parade

Hobby thoughts. So many. Thousands of ideas and so few hours dedicated to actual modelling and painting.

The other day I imagined something that I would love to see done. A parade of silent, parading, ecclesiary figures. Just a selection of plastic heads with suitably depressed or stern facial expressions, some arms including the odd autopistol or stubgun, and lots of greenstuff. I imagine the models on gaming bases, but at the same time I see them as s blurr of colours and movement. Like a background corner of a John Blanche illustration turned into gaming models. Red robes, black and white check-patterns, pale faces, and blackened steel weaponry.

I would like to see this parade some day. To create it and try to be as expressive and bold in the creation process as I have imagined it. That might prove a challenge though.