24 March, 2012

Servo Skull Collector, paint phase #2

Another short session on the mini. I have started working green-brown-purple shading into the robes as a subtle form of black lining. The Winsor & Newton green was used with Elf Flesh to paint in the basic shade of the skin.

Also, using thinned P3Thornwood Green (the nameless paint in the picture) I am blending some exaggerations of the shading into the robes.

21 March, 2012

Servo Skull Collector, paint phase #1

First painting session. Airbrush. First some yellow - GW Bubonic Brown to be exact. Then a light warm brown - similar to Beastial Brown, but P3 equivalent. And som final spray of Bubonic + White:

Btw, I also worked on some buildings with the same colours. Using the airbrush is still somewhat new to me. But fun and very effective in regards to time, the area(s) to paint, and the number of models. I suppose it is just another tool in the box.

09 March, 2012

05 March, 2012

Hobby thought - an ecclesiary parade

Hobby thoughts. So many. Thousands of ideas and so few hours dedicated to actual modelling and painting.

The other day I imagined something that I would love to see done. A parade of silent, parading, ecclesiary figures. Just a selection of plastic heads with suitably depressed or stern facial expressions, some arms including the odd autopistol or stubgun, and lots of greenstuff. I imagine the models on gaming bases, but at the same time I see them as s blurr of colours and movement. Like a background corner of a John Blanche illustration turned into gaming models. Red robes, black and white check-patterns, pale faces, and blackened steel weaponry.

I would like to see this parade some day. To create it and try to be as expressive and bold in the creation process as I have imagined it. That might prove a challenge though.