31 January, 2016

Painting the Wicked Daemon Flora

First Plague Dryad just about finished. I am going for a quick but agressive-looking unit. I am using the stipple technique that I tried out on my Pink Space Marine in the beginning of the year.

2 sessions with the sponge. Then a wash all over. Then final details and base. Still have to decided if the eyes will be bright green, bright blue or red...

24 January, 2016

Eldar Falcon

Eldar Falcon finished for my Eldar army. Transport for the Farseer and a squad of Dire Avengers.

Tried a bit of oils on the belly of the vehicle. Also, I used some stipple-techniques to create different kinds of highlights and texture on the many planes. Not 'Eavy Metal style clean, but with the clean colour scheme it actually works quite well.

17 January, 2016

Wicked Daemon Flora

Wicked Growth of Unholy Seeds. The Flora of Ancient Terra. The Spring of Decay.

I build these creatures in a long hobby night. I have been wanting to do these conversions since The End Times were published and I read the Glottkin book (Autumn 2014). I thought it was an obvious conversion opportunity. Dryads and Plaguebearers. To fuse these plastic kits in a bizzare way. Some sinister daemon growth...

I want to use these as either Dryads and Nurgleesk daemon beasts in AoS. For 40K they will be wicked daemon Flora from decaying seeds sprouting by summoning from in the deep catacombs of Ancient Terra.

10 January, 2016

Pink Space Marine

By chance - the inks on the table, and a hunch to experiment - the Space Marine turned pink:

Pre-heresy Emperor Children or maybe another Chapter in that direction, featuring pink plate armour and golden suns as their heraldry. Not sure yet. But I am pretty happy with the model. A little less than 2 hours of work. Quick and fun. All done in one session. A pretty good hobby start for the new year...

Here is a studio style image with a few men for scale:
The pink plate was stipples over a zenith base spray (black spray from below, white from top creating instant pre-highlights). First a stipple of old trusty Elf Flesh from the hexagonal bottle, then pure white (WIP image underneath). Blister pack sponge work, nothing fancy. Over this the armour was washed with W&N artist ink Deep Red. From there I worked in the other details. Washed the deep creases of the armour while washing other areas, and carefully brushing on some thinned white highlights. The crazy thing about these inks is that they bleed a little though the highlights. Thus the white highlights on top are actually somewhat subtle because the seem to be blended in... I really like the overall effect using sponge followed by inks. Could work quite well on vehicles...

01 January, 2016

Bye 2015, Welcome 2016

Greetings 2016. Looking forward to everything. Also a goodbye to 2015, which to me was an exiting year in the hobby.

The picture here sums stuff up my current take on the hobby: Collaborative terrain-building. A marine construct fusing plastic bits from both the past and present. And a pitch black doorway into the unknown.