24 January, 2016

Eldar Falcon

Eldar Falcon finished for my Eldar army. Transport for the Farseer and a squad of Dire Avengers.

Tried a bit of oils on the belly of the vehicle. Also, I used some stipple-techniques to create different kinds of highlights and texture on the many planes. Not 'Eavy Metal style clean, but with the clean colour scheme it actually works quite well.


  1. We demand pics of the whole army;)
    Great job as usual, I am very intrigued by this army which is tempting me into starting a small eldar force as well.

  2. Its always good to see people experimenting with new techniques. Really like the look, gives a very different feel to the elder to see it more weathered.

  3. Thanks. The full army showcase will have to wait a while. Maybe some photos when I get to game with them in the beginning of March. But I will do a few more images of the Vehicle.