31 January, 2016

Painting the Wicked Daemon Flora

First Plague Dryad just about finished. I am going for a quick but agressive-looking unit. I am using the stipple technique that I tried out on my Pink Space Marine in the beginning of the year.

2 sessions with the sponge. Then a wash all over. Then final details and base. Still have to decided if the eyes will be bright green, bright blue or red...


  1. Wow! what an amazing result for such a simple technique!

  2. Great work Jakob! I love the fluid process as it shows in the final result...very fitting for organic, half-nature dudes like these!

    Inspiring :)

  3. Thanks.
    Process needs to be fast and efficient to produce a bigger group. Also, I hope the style of painting makes it possible to fuse models from different eras. Say, if I want to use these for plaguebearers and add some more, I have a small unit of mid-90s dadmons. Colours and style of painting should make these go fine together I think.

  4. They look great so far! Interesting technique.
    I think I'd go for bright green eyes, since it work well on on both plant looking miniatures, and Nurgle.

  5. That's some groovy mash-up! You definitely get the feeling across. I think at least some of them could benefit from a more root-y looking legs. Branching out, or maybe three legs for somebody. These things will help build volume in the lower part of the shape - trees grow wider and heavier towards the ground.