13 March, 2016

Pilgrym progress; my first 3 characters

The first 3 characters for my contribution to the Pilgrym project are done. Actually they are even painted, finished this weekend. Here is a pre-paint image. Primer, nothing more. But I am pretty happy how they have turned out.
The painted models will go up on IRON SLEET, the home of the Pilgrym Project within a day or two.

Apart from these models, I will build a big hovering tree-construct. A man fused into a withered tree displaying a set of organ pipes. Skulls and tech for details. The music of the organ could be the sounds of weaponry or a perhaps deep cords to trigger monstrosities of a forgotten Past.


  1. Looking interesting so far, can´t wait to see them in color. :-)

    And it is nice to see you are still alive, since you did not answer my mail, I feared something might have happened to you.

  2. Thanks dude. I'll put up the models in a few days. OR you can check them out on IRON SLEET today.

  3. I can't wait to see more of this group, the first three are amazing, you do subtle so well.

  4. Cheers man. The year actually started pretty bright with the Pink space marine. But compared to that, this definately is subtle. Overall, however, there has been a lot of faded red the past few months...

    btw, just started work on the base for the main model...