21 May, 2013

Inspiration - rust and weathered paint

Saw this fantastic piece of old junk in the weekend.

A detail from some kind of farming machine. Pure inspiration.

12 May, 2013

WIP - Veteran Hedge Knight

With this little project I am charting new ground, since I have not painted many classic knights or historical miniatures. The "Veteran Hedge Knight" from Dark Sword Miniatures is a nice crisp model with some basic surfaces and areas to have a go working with heraldry. Still a little way to go, but overall I think it is working out nicely. Colours on the cape are just blocked in. Next up is shading and highlights on the cape, a few touch-ups here and there, and finally some subtle weathering and painting the base.

09 May, 2013

High Elf Champion - anno 1996

Remember the 90s? Bright clean colours. No online painting guides. Learning by doing and by visiting a friends house. This champion was painted for my High Elves army back in early 1996. I also painted 5 reaver knights, 20 spearmen and 16 archers. And two repeater boltthrowers obviously. I don't really remember painting this one, but I clearly remember painted the plastic spearmen and archers in batches of about 4 or so models. I cannot believe that I managed to get every single colour available onto this mini. So many details on this classic sculpt. And "yes" ... my red was very orange in those days...