13 May, 2013

Scribe Machiarus

Expressive painting. Rough, yet precise. Classic photo-shoot.


  1. Beautiful!

    "Rough yet precise" is something I always strive for - both at the painting table as well as in the bedroom

  2. Look great! - is this one to be part of a Inquisitor retinue?
    By the way, big fan of your painting! /Hans

  3. Amazing work! Looks so realistic!

  4. Cheers All. I have used the same gritty, dap-style painting techniques as used on the Skulker, Velvet Cathrina, and The Daemonhost so I guess he goes with those baddies.

    The bright yellow base is a really bold way of adding colour to the image, but still keeping the colours on the actual model to a minimum.