10 December, 2012

Wolf Rider

Another look way back towards the early 90s. I painted this Marauder Miniatures Wolf Rider for my bright red and green Orc and Gobbo army. I revisited the box with the army this weekend and really enjoyed looking at the bold and bright colours. The paintjob must be from around 1992.

However, this particular wolf rider was something special. We had Siberian Husky when I was a child and this model dates from back then. Naturally, I painted facial markings on the model just like on our dog. Apart from remembering the old dog, I also really liked seeing those strong highlights and the deep shading on the green and the simple bright red. Works quite nice. Also, I remember using a really matt Humbrol green to shade the bases.


  1. Nostalgia.. Something that makes all warm inside.

    I am really looking forward to seeing more of your old stuff, new things are of cause more than welcome too.

    On the mini:

    I really like the bright colours, and the deep shades and really bright highlights, makes such good contrast.
    The best thing about this mini, is that even though it´s bright, it´s not to rainbow like.
    (If that makes any sense;-)


    Quote “ Less regimental, less formal, less gallery-images, ----------->more fun<----------- ”

    That, I can fully understand ;-P

  2. I fuldst√łndig forgot your Heinrich Kemmler. Thet mini was a sight:-)
    Especially the way u highlighted the hat.

    I prey to santa, that he will be the next mini you put up;P