05 December, 2012

Silently Drifting Thoughts

Silently Drifting Thoughts, 2011.

With no mini-painting done these past weeks I thought I'd post another painting instead.
Actually I thought about the painting after having studied a recent post on the Legion of Plastic-blog where a fantastic winged man-bird-creature is among the three latest conversions.

Anyway, the canvas about was done last year. Spring 2011. The first big canvas I have done. After painting to enter the Crystal Brush in April 2011 I really had to put my mind into painting on another scale, detail-level, and style. Therefore I picked up the canvas. Dimensions are 120 x 90 cm.


  1. Quite calm, but creepy at the same time. I really like it.



  2. serene. the silencing of words.
    It has a zen like quality to it?
    also, very nice =)

  3. My eyes drifted for a moment up there, sinking from the top to bottom, finally meeting the grotesque point balancing the black orb on its crown, silently admiring the creation.

  4. Beautiful painting Jakob. Also good to see how things here are related :)

  5. I remember that head, saw it made in green stuff on your old/other page.

    But I have bin wondering, how much time do you use on miniatures now a days, I have bin following you for a LOOOOOONG time, and it´s seems that you are somewhat slowing down, and the time between updates and new minies are far.

    And is there any chance that you will upload pictures of some of your really old stuff. Like your skaven army, The chaos army you won the open competition with, also your bretonian army, and the ultramarine champion/lord/boss etc. etc. ;P

    1. Cheers.

      @ Kimnis: I am indeed slowing down BUT I am not quitting. I still burn for the hobby but my approach and life is very different now. Starting this blog last year was a way of deciding on a new hobby path where miniatures, writing, photography, painting, and family stuff are mixed. Less regimental, less formal, less gallery-images, more fun.

      In regards to the miniatures you mention, I have actually been planning to get the armies out and do some photos soon. Maybe X-mas will be the time for that. But before that I was in some of my oldest boxes the past weekend. Next post should show...