13 September, 2014

Summer models - a Scion and a Techmarine

While I am working away to meet the September goals, I am just posting this quick image to show what I did during the Summer. Two models. A Scion and and old Techmarine. Not much, but they were fun to paint. Of course they want to hang out with the Skull Collector (painted in early 2012), so it got into the picture as well.

 Somehow I seem to have a thing about orange at the moment. I believe there will be more of that to come...


  1. They all look the goods! I especially like the old techmarine :)

    Nicely done.

  2. Thanks. Actually have three of these. Bought back in the early 1990. Started one up back then - all purple power armour - and left it in my drawer after a wash and first highlight. Couldn't make it work. Now - after this recent paintjob - I might have a go at the last two.

  3. That faded orange look on the TechMarine in particular is amazing.

  4. Wicked!

    The Scion's colour scheme is very effective.

  5. Really nice! Orange works so well. We all get into color periods...im obsessed with yellow right now.

  6. Wicked indeed!

    Pure pleasure to see the skull collector once again while doing goddamn paperwork.
    Caffeine for my eyes ^^

  7. Impressive.
    Glad to see you back with good resolution.
    I really enjoy the orange and the old faded "terracota" colour on the techmarine.
    Great job!
    Looking forward to see more by the end of the month ;)

  8. Really happy for the appreciation of the orange Scion. A strong colour that one.
    The comment about "faded terracotta" is also an interesting one. With two tech-dudes left there is a chance for a more classic red-brown-ish orange, and finally maybe a version in strong bold red. Gotta do a few other projects first though...

  9. Lovely, lovely stuff. Is orange the new red? Cheers!

  10. Orange the new red? Mayby. But at least a strong alternative. Cheers!