07 October, 2012

Forest Beast

Enjoying a walk in the forest with my children we encountered this monster:

A strange snake-like creature, a shape looking both growing and in decay.

Also, tonight I actually got out some miniatures to work on over the next few week....


  1. At last! (Impatiently waiting to see new stuff from you)

  2. okkiW: I have followed your stuff while being away from my hobby desk.
    But I do have an interesting conversion using one of last year's WFB plastic characters coming up.

  3. you should lay a wreath to that ageing forest spirit .

  4. Wow. That reminds me ALOT of the story "Resan till landet längesen" (Traveling to the country of Longtimeago) of swedish author Elsa Beskow, that I was read when I was a kid. With a tree trunk turned dragon to help the kids slay a troll. If I remember correctly.
    Have a look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stelpalitla/263716979/in/photostream/ and here