20 October, 2012

First painted mini

Going through some old cases of miniatures I discovered the first mini I painted. Ever.

Painted back in 1990 or so I believe. Funny enough the colour scheme is a classic one. Black, bone, metal, and a touch of red. I worked with Humbrol acrylic paints and I believe we had about 10 paint pots. I also found some of the models from the bright days of the mid 90s. Quite striking stuff actually. Digging through old issues of White Dwarf  from back then is fantastic. Vivid colours, strong poses, classic I think. Speaking of old models and paintjobs I also found a few classic Chaos Champions from around 1990 or so. Jes's stuff. Good stuff. A cool thing about models from this era is the fact that most models except from monsters and cavalry were one-piece casts. This gives most models a strong frontal style. Head on. Posed with the weapons ready. Visually, they all have an obvious strong front. I love picking up one of these from time to time. Fast to paint, rewarding to present and photograph, and classic! Based up nicely they stand the test of time.


  1. Fantastic find Jakob :)

    Amazing how that same colourscheme has become a JRN trademark amd won you more than a few Golden Demons.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice!
    Years lost my first painted mini but it's nice to see these relics of others every now and then:)
    Jes has created some incredible miniatures during the years that still (nicely based like you mentioned)
    Still stand tall next to these ubercool GW plastic ones.