18 November, 2012

Grey Knight - paint phase #2

A moody picture of the miniature. Need to add a little detail-work, but I am actually quite happy with the way he has turned out so far. I still have to get some more terrain for photos sorted. Backdrop is a detail from a half finished canvas painting from early Spring.


  1. That unfinished canvas in the background piqued my interest...

    Would it be possible for you to show it, so we can see how it's going along?

    It goes without saying, but your miniatures are fantastic.

    I've also really loved the look of the bits and pieces of scatter terrain you have on the blog.

    And now that canvas, you just put out awesome work all the time.

  2. Thanks Stygianheart. I was playing around with canvas painting some years ago and picked it up again in Spring 2011. Not really a great lot though, about 6 pieces produced since then. Pics of a canvas or two soon.

    1. That will be nice to see.

      I tried my hand at canvas for the first time a couple of years back.

      I have one piece I thought was turning out well.

      It's still left half finished next to my workspace.

      I really should get back to it...

  3. The canvas in the background looks like the spires of a hive city...perfect for this.

    I like the addition of red shoulder pads.

    What time frame are you looking at for an entire army?