04 November, 2012

Stuff to read - PARIAH and White Dwarf

Finally, got my copy of Dan Abnett's Pariah yesterday.

Just after having bought the latest issue of White Dwarf. The new style of the magazine is both nice and clean - somewhat oldschool. I have really enjoyed the latest two Blanchitzu-articles with the grand mix of miniatures and artwork backdrops. Strange enough it seems that I miss the traditional 10 or so pages featuring new releases. But back to Pariah... I really look forward getting more into the 40K universe as Mr. Abnett envisions it.


  1. I am in the middle of Ravenor the Omnibus and am constantly inspired by new things. Details on 40K architecture, weather, landscapes. So I look forward to get my hends on Pariah :)

    Have a good read Jakob.

  2. I also approve of the new direction (by going back to the old, as you say) of White Dwarf. Now, if they'd only throw in a single page serial comic strip like they did in the REALLY old days (remember Thrud the Barbarian?), I'd be giddy as a Skaven neck-deep in Warpstone snuff.