16 April, 2013


Painted, photographed, photoshopped (slightly). Another go at creating really worn and old-looking clothes.

The humble Scribe Machiarus pauses 
amidst the grand ruins of ancient splendour
 to consult his notebook


  1. Nice!

    You nailed the worn look from what I can tell!
    I'd love to see straight up shots of these last two characters though...

  2. Very cold piece - perfectly fits "dark fantasy" Warhammer .

  3. great photo! I think you did an excellent job on the scribe. Is that a beastman head?

  4. Thanks. I'll see if I can get some studio-style photos done at some point.

    Regarding the head - no, it is not a beastman head, but an empire scribe from the GW online store - a stock model. Maybe he is from the mailorder only section though. I believe he is sculpted by Mike Anderson. Oh, I did sculpt the beard.

  5. I like the beard JRN. It actually changes the feel of the model rather well. Originally he was looking out with disdain now he has a move sinister vibe.

  6. The worn robe looks great! I've always liked this model. I think it would work very well in the 40k universe too if you'd put a cable or two to hang from an added servo backpack etc. Oh, and maybe giving him a digital tablet of sort...