11 January, 2015

Garden of Morr - WIP #1

Started working on some terrain. So far I am well underway doing the Garden of Moor and have started a tower. When assembled terrain is awsome to do. It does not have to be that precise, there is a lot of drybrushing and washing, and it really enhances your minis. I really look forward to having these first terrain pieces finished and do some miniature photography in the new setting.


  1. The Garden is possibly the best kit GW have ever released, in my opinion! Looking forward to seeing yours and then blatantly copying it ;)

    1. Yeah, that kit offers a lot of possibilities. I have reduced the number of wall sections to 4 plus the gate to have some more stable parts. All the inner buildings will be awsome for skrimish games of either Mordheim or some Necromunda style 40K game.

  2. Been looking forward to seeing more terrain from you :) Looking good so far!

  3. Cheers. I also look forward to doing more. It is so rewarding to do terrain!