22 December, 2011

Base work

Base for the deamonhost and bases for two more models for the retinue are just about ready:

 They just need a a few details painted in and they will be ready for the actual models. The daemonhost is very close to being finished - might try and sneak in an hour of work tomorrow evening to get him finished before X-mas. That would be a great goal...

Write-up for the yellow on the bases:
GW Bubonic Brown (+ a little gloss varnish to make the paint more smooth) painted on in two thin layers. Wash of MIG pigment African Earth pigment mixed with W&N matt varnish. Scratches stippled on with a little piece of blister foam using a Chaos Black / dark brown mix. Highlights with Bubonic Brown + Skull White. And finally careful weathering using pigment and orange mix (as feature in the picture), followed by some thinned and broken W&N inks - yellow and green thinned with water...


  1. Looking good Mr. JRN.

    May I ask why you chose to use yellow as the predominant colour? I really like it: I'm just curious.

  2. The choice of yellow for the bases was made when I created the first mini for the retinue, Velvet Cathrina:


    She has a purple skirt and to give this area a vivid strong contrast I went for yellow on the base. Therefore the rest of the minis will have purple working into their colour schem somewhere. Not a big problem since I use purple for a lot of flesh shading...

  3. Ah, so it is just a colour wheel thing. It looks great: yellow can be such a bugger to paint sometimes.

  4. Colour wheel, yeah. But also the chance to add some strong colour ad contrast in general. And the chance to just paint weathered yellow.

  5. Sorry - I hadn't seen your reply. Yeah, I really like it; I've always liked your use of purple. I was looking at your mutie gang earlier today and was reminded of it, it's a real 'JRN signature' to me now.