03 December, 2011

Insisting to paint...

We never have enough time to paint or sculpt, do we?

And we think a lot about how much we really want to work on this and that project... Well, tonight instead of thinking about how I really want to work on the project and spending lots of time time being annoyed that I wasn't doing as much hobby stuff as I wanted to I just sat down and did some work.

Nothing fancy, just another hour and a half on the daemonhost and some initial jabs of paint on a conversion I refer to as "the Skulker".

Sometime we just have to grab the brush and get going with paint and miniatures instead of thinking about how much we want to paint while not doing anything about it. Yesterday, I caught myself having these silly thoughts and tonight I was close to being there again. But I insisted.

I insist to paint miniatures because it is important to me.


  1. I've seriously considered quitting my day-job to just paint miniatures all day. Although my family wouldn't allow that...silly family.