08 December, 2011

The Skulker

Here is a pre-primer shot of "the Skulker". A hive scum whoose past, faulty social skills, and treacherous reputation is tolerated because of his uncanny skills to navigate the paths and track down individuals.

I haven't decided on a colour scheme yet (although I have started adding the first layers of paint), but I am thinking of this individual as an hired tracker for the group which is so count both the floaty fat daemonhost and the wiz-pimp-lady (I need a name for her... how about Linda... Linda something...). So the base will be dominated by warm yellow and browns.


  1. En mistanke: noget med en forkærlighed for bad guys? :-)

  2. Hvis jeg ikke var så flink og good-guy-agtig, ville jeg helt sikkert være en ordentlig syg bad guy!

    (Edit: forgive us for the Danish ping-pong - Trine (a seriously cool geek within the field of knitting) is just admireing my taste in creating bad guys!)

  3. Linda Loveless; Lovelace,Linda Slinker, Slinky Linda ;-) Just a few suggestions.

  4. How about "Velvet Cathrina", and just "V" among the henchmen...