05 December, 2011

Paint phase #3 on the daemonhost

Another hour and a half of painting done and tonight I shot a picture of  the model so far:

For fun I made the pictures really big to show as much as possible. I have mainly been working on the shield with the orange and white checks pattern. Quite happy with the look so far, although the initial plan was actually to have the orange serve as a base for some red ink. But right now I really like the orange. Scrolls have also been give attention as has the hat which has been blocked in with Chaos black. It still needs a lot of weathering though. The horns were painted last last week and given a coat of varnish to protect the paint from going off when I handle the mini while painting...

Finally, a shot of the desk with the paint in use tonight. Two sessions more and I believe he is done - then I have the base to do, but I hope to have him done before X-mas.


  1. Wow, stunning work! Are the parchment strips on his belt made of plasticard? They're nicely thin.

  2. Parchment strips are made of thin alluminium sheets. It's a product I bought about 10 years ago, so I cannot really advice where to get it. It is a good deal thicker than the metal foil on wine bottles and thus more sturdy.

    Doing the parchments long and thin is an experiment. Work great along with the thin cables I think. Cheers.

  3. Some tomato puree cans have perfect metal for parchaments and stuff like that, you just need to work with them a bit more than bare aluminium sheets...

    The daemonhost is looking great!

  4. Coming together nicely. In regards to the metal strips. Would you know if the metal in tealight candles is a good substitute? Or be too much of a different in thickness/strength?

  5. Hmm. Never thought about that use for the tealight candles... No that is not true - I remember considering a hobby-use for them, but I never tested it.