18 December, 2011

Paint phase #4 on the daemonhost...

...plus some base painting chores. Two layers of Bubonic Brown - thinned with gloss varnish to make it go on smooth. A technique I have been trying out on some surfaces on my latest models.

The daemonhost is almost finished. The rest - the tubes and som weathering + maybe some red on those orange checks - will be painted when he is glued to the base.

Today's painting session wasn't a long one. But I decided I had to work on the model today. Sometimes I have to decide to work to be able to do it. Strange. But tonight I got going with the project. Another evening or two and he is ready to rock ... or rather; to float about and scare people.


  1. Mr JRN, I think this is the best daemonhost that I've ever seen: it's so well conceived. Can't wait to see him finished.

  2. Thanks Fulgrim. I look forward to seeing him finished also. :-)
    Got some work down on the base so, getting him done and ready for action is really not that far away.