15 February, 2013

WIP - old tree

I am planning - or rather researching how - to do a diorama centered around a grandiose tree. So far I plan to base the tree roughly on GW's plastic trees. But how to do the leaves?
So far I am testing building up the expression using flock:

Another option would be do use brass etched leaves, but I fear this might look too detailed in a way.
Any other suggestions? Or links to pictures showing various ways it has been done in the past?


  1. Perhaps you can use a better type of flock? Something like this: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=5195.0

  2. Thanks Nimrod. That is a good alternative.

  3. Found a tutorial on the webforum referred to by Nimrod:
    Technique looks easy and fast and the result quite realistic!

  4. My opinion: Scrap the plastic monstrocity, make something similar from wire and polymer. I get the thing with the pure-cut lines of the plastic premade, though surely you could make something similar and more expressive in short time?

  5. Hey Sonny, good the hear from you!
    This is a test. But I might actually go for the GW tree for "GW-ness" in the look. But having assembled one I can surely see the need for converting and adding to the pose of the trees. They are rather 2d. Let's see. Any thoughts on alternatives to mimicing or recreating leaves other than the stuff shown above?

  6. Jeg ved ikke om dette er muligt I den størrelses skala du er nede i, men måske;P

    The painful solution?



    Tak for linksne til de andre sider (fra dit forrige oplæg), det er fedt at se flere der ude, som viser en lidt mere dyster side af 40 universet:-)

  7. Hmm, there was actually a tutorial on creating enormous trees in an old German issue of WD. I had a look through it, and here are some small ideas:

    - How about using moss instead of flock to get some volume to the foliage first? (I am referring to this stuff: http://www.amazon.de/FALLER-170730-Islandmoos-farblich-sortiert/dp/B0009NPRBK ) Afterwards, you could add additional flock or spraypaint it to "obscure" the stexture.

    - If you really want to go all out, you could even build the center of the foliage from foam rubber cut to shape for extra volume and then add moss and flock on top.

    Hope this helps!



  8. I searched for some old articles at my blog, when I had to create trees for studies.
    Maybe they can help you.
    I used the kind of foam you get in the big crafts stores,it is in beds and also great for miniature packing. I would recommend using this stuff to build up the volume, for it is really light and can be trimmed to any form. I like that stuff, but you'll never get rid of it, when it sticks to all kinds of surfaces in your room. To finish the look I made great experience with the foliage flock of the model rail manufacturer NOCH from Germany. I don't know anything out there looking more like nature.



    I think the method should work on GWs trees, as they are exaggerated like this abstract trees I did.

    Keep up your great work, I love reading your blog.

  9. Hi Jakob, great fan of the blog and minis (little knight & Princess; which I have). Check out this link: http://www.modelshop.co.uk/bespoke-trees-86-w.asp

    I make architectural models for architects and these guys do superb one-off trees as well as several 'off-the-shelf' varieties.

    When can we expect more from Runic Miniatures?!

  10. Leadpest, thanks the the link!

    Runic Miniatures has been on hold the past year, while I have been focussing my spare hours on =I= models, canvas painting, and family.
    However, I do have a little something almost ready that could be released along with another sculpt if I can get that one done over the next months.

  11. Hey, that sounds great. Look forward to it! I'll have to email some pics of my painted Little Knight when I get round to painting him.

    No worries for the link though. Great paintings by the way. Almost like little 'port holes' into the Chaos Wasted and very Dhali in their execution and palette.