23 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 23 - finishing touches

Lots of little things. But images first:

 Final weathering:
  • Verdigris-style weathering of the copper areas. A bold move, I know, but this is how it is gonna be! I used GW's Technical paint for this, but added white to make it lighter in places.
  • Additional bigger scratches on the armourplates using a broken black (add a little bleached bone to the black), rust streaks, plus washes of various kind on both metal areas and plates.
  • Airbrush of dark grey around the chimneys (done before the top part was glued on).
  • Tamiya clear smoke for all the working phistons - gives an oily look as well as providing good shading. 
  • A handful more purity seals to jazz up areas that could do with a little additional touch of 40K iconography.
  • Touching up here and there...

I could easily spend more hours on this model, but I think I will stop for now. Final photos tomorrow!


  1. Good choice on the name, very noble.

    I really like the verdigris, more so than the pure metal. Nice touch keeping the areas beneath the ladder and hatch somewhat polished. Shouldn't the "saltshakers" on his back be affected also though? My only real criticism is that the seam where the two halves of the gun barrel join is very conspicuous in the photographs.

    1. Thanks Nicklas. For praise and critique. That barrel has annoyed me for a while, but working on a big dude like this the problem got lost in the process.
      I have done the photography for the final upload, but I'll try and find time to fix it during the next few days.

      I see the salt-shaker vents as funcstional details, and these are metal just as the ladder on the top for instance. The copper plating is for the decorative rims on the edges. Not sure if this reasoning makes totally sense, but that is how I thought about the model. Might look cool in verdigris also, though... Cheers.

  2. Great move with the verdigris! Looks great against the other colours. Really looking forward to the last pictures. Its been great to follow your progress!

    1. thanks. The pale green works nice. An aggressive contrast! Just did the photography for tomorrow!

  3. I wasn't sure about the copper colour but with the verdigris is really frames the orange rather than blends in. Works especially well on the section above the head.

    I'd like you to go back and repaint the ball of the stubber. It needs to be white to match the other weapon systems.

    Jakob I applaud you for pulling off a knight in such a sort amount of time and doing it in style. Who would have thought a jump suit orange knight could work.


  4. Thanks PDH. White for the stubber casing? Hmm, again it is one of those things that never crossed my mind as with the "salt-shaker" vents. Maybe on the next one! :-)

    Jump suit orange for the win!