08 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 8 - more base colours build-up

More colours worked in. Chainsword and the armour plate for the cannon will be white with Copper rims. White painted using the airbrush - such a nice coverage. The white will be a great base for weathering and battle damage. When I eventually get to that part...


  1. Nice. What model airbrush are you using btw? I've been looking into getting one myself.

    On an unrelated note, would you consider taking some closeups/individual pics of your Chaos Cavalry of Nurgle sometime? It's always been a favourite of mine.

  2. For airbrush I use an Iwata REVOLUTION. Works nicely. I never tried other ones, which I guess would be a challenge for the near future. To see if I can improve my skills and see if there are better tools out there. Guess I need to put on the Padawan-attitude and seek help from one of the super-skilled airbrush-wielding Danes.

    Regarding the Chaos Cavalry of Nurgle I actually plan to do a BIG photo session with ALL my chaos forces in the early new year.

  3. It's weird, I had also decided to do a orange and white color scheme on mine, but you've beaten me to it. I only just finished the basing work. I will probably stick with orange and white, will be interesting to see yours and compare how we did it differently. My thinking is to make the metal parts much darker, including the trim so that the color scheme looks more like orange-white-dark brown.