15 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 15 - first decal!

First decal in 20 years or so! Tried them during my second year in the hobby and did not find the technique spectacular.
Now I think it looks like a nice tool. Useful for some things. But not magic. I look forward to see the rest of them on the model. That will no doubt look impressive.

btw, a few posts back Nicklas recommended a video tutorial on applying decals. Nice and very imformative!


  1. I'm glad you found my recommendation helpful. Have you decided on the rims yet? The more I look at it the more white seems like the way to go; they provide a great contrast to both the dark metal of the mechanical parts as well as the armoured plates. Also, I feel that the Knight model is really a sort of homage to 2nd edition 40k and non metallic rims feels typical of that era (although back then they'd probably be painted bright red!).

  2. Yes, I think I like the white rims as well. Just needs to be made appropriately dirty, weathered and worn. My knights is coming along. I am still working on all metallics on the inner mechanical parts. My rims are going to be a dark, weathered metallic color to contrast the white/orange plates. I'm not adding black to the armor plates as you have done - so that's where our knights will differ. I will send you a link as I get some photos done...